Moving together from  surviving to thriving.

Friendship Services is a non-profit organization established through Friendship Church in 2021.  

Our Mission

Friendship Services is here to provide advocacy and develop interventions to help communities dealing with behavioral health issues thrive.
Regardless of potential social, mental, and economic barriers, Friendship is here for you.

About Us

Friendship Services is an advocacy and resource center program that focuses on helping those in low-income communities find and register for different services.
Mental Illness, substance abuse, and poverty are rampaging through different places in the Polk County area.
With Friendship Services, the goal is to provide proactive help and preventive measures to residents before a crisis occurs.

What We Offer...

Behavioral Health

Subsidized Therapy Sessions
Support Groups
Skills-Based/Life Enrichment


Personal Growth Classes
Tutoring Services
Educators Unite Program
Summer Programs


Safety Net Program
Unity Project Program
ACCESS Assistance

For more information about Friendship Services, contact:

Lyndal Bedford, MSW

Executive Director